Quality Control

Company policy:Quality and customer first

Quality aim: 100% customer satisfaction

Quality control:

1. Quality staff control: Our QC persons have more than 10 years experience in industrial areas. We're committed to fully understanding customers' needs and expectations, and meeting or exceeding these needs.

2. Vendors or suppliers control: All our Vendors had been strict qualified by our professional QC department. They're specializing in their own area: stamping, precision machining, plastic injecting, hot&cold forging, casting etc. After more than 10 years cooperation, we're familiar with each of them, which enable us to select the right manufacturer and get the most economic way of production for each inquiry. Thus save the costs and get the most profit to our customers.

3. Production control: Before production, our QC will evaluate the process way and the control plan from the manufacturers, to make sure of the stability of the production. During production, except the regular in-process inspection by the operators, our QC will follow all our orders and do the in-process inspections and final inspections for each order.