Machining parts:

Processing method: Precision machining, CNC machining, Turning, Drilling, Polishing, Knurling, Tapping, Threading, Burnishing,Slab milling, face milling, End milling etc.

From loose dimensions to critical dimensions, from standard tolerance to close tolerance,our all sizes facilities can meet most of your requirements.

Stamping parts:

Processing method:Pressing, Bending, Piercing, Tube Bending and Forming, Various types of Welding, Deep Drawing, Riveting, Fine Blanking Assemble.

From simple piece stamping parts to complex assemblies,we're your one-stop sources of all kinds of metal stamping parts.

Industrial Fasteners:

Washers: Competitive price and high quality of full range of flat washers and spring washers. Especially in ASTM F436M, ASTM F436, DIN125, DIN126, DIN434, DIN6916, DIN127, USS through hardened flat washers and SAE through hardened flat washers.

Screws: Competitive price and high quality of tapping screws, self drilling screws and dry wall screws made of carbon steel and stainless steel.

Nuts: DIN934, ASTM A194 2H, ASTM A194 7M, ASTM A194 7, UNI 9319 Self-locking nuts etc.

Casting & Machining parts: Small sizes Aluminum alloy castings and Zamak castings according to customer's drawings or samples.

Plastic Injection Products: NYLON,ABS, PC, PP, PE, POM,PBT,  PVC, ACRYLIC etc. accordign to customer's drawings or samples.

Power Unit Parts:

Different sizes of aluminium central manifolds, dimensions according to customer's drawings.

Wide range of suction filters.

Plastic oil pipes.

Steel or plastic tanks.

12V & 24V DC Motors with different Watts.

Nozzles, Nozzle Drain Valves and Nozzle fittings: Made of brass or stainless steel, widely used in Air cooling systems and Fog systems.

Trailer Parts:

All kinds of OEM trailer parts, such as trailer dividers, saddles etc. processsed by machining, stamping, welding etc. according to customer's drawings.


Any parts you want to produce, you only need to send us your designs or drawings or samples, we'll find the best solution and process  it.